Marketing is the means of unleashing the power of storytelling from earned media sources.

There is an adage that advertising is bought while marketing is earned. This is not to say that one is better than the other, and frequently successful organizations need to employ both advertising and marketing to achieve the necessary level of impression on their target audience. Marketing is about getting other people to tell your story for you, on your behalf. The most frequent way this is accomplished is by appearing in a news article which highlights some new or unique facet of your value proposition in an objective fashion that makes it highly consumable by the reader. Other areas of marketing include activating influencers to serve as surrogate spokespeople for you and to use their authentic engagement with their followers as a conduit for delivering your message, effective e-mail campaigns to your existing following base to keep them informed of your progress can be used as a type of hyper-targeted news as it is being delivered only to people who have already engaged with a brand and have demonstrated interest, strategic partnerships can also be a way of extending reach beyond the confines of a single brand by harnessing the reach of multiple brands — working together.

Our Clients Have Been Featured In Over 10,000 Publications Including:

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