Litigation Support

The complexities of today’s transactions create new challenges for stakeholders in litigation. We’re here to help.

As advisors to counsel, we provide actionable insights to controversies frequently involving multifaceted and potentially obscure subject matter. Our varied experience, and prodigious research capabilities have allowed us to cultivate a unique perspective on adversarial proceedings and we bring that insight in order to promote tangible victories, as opposed to theoretical recoveries or academic legal rulings. Our work is frequently categorized as that of a non-testifying expert, as we focus on providing strategic guidance to evaluate opportunities and risks in legal action. Simply put, we are a litigant’s secret weapon.

We regularly advise clients on matters such as:

  • Analysis of recoverability in light of potential damages
  • Distillation of a series of transactions to determine the economic substance in light of potential claims
  • Research into other potentially culpable parties, strategically interested parties, co-litigants
  • Explanation of niche industry practices and market norms
  • Strategic study into the impact of prolonged litigation on a potential client’s corporate and financial profile

Litigation support clients include litigants, their counsel, and those funding litigation which may include coverage providers and litigation funders. Given the nature of our work, we prefer to be engaged by counsel to a party in an action, on behalf of the client as we do not enjoy separate privilege.

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