Developing an authentic voice for organizations that resonates with their stakeholders and clearly identifies their unique value proposition.

Branding is the cornerstone of engagement. Whether it is a company, a non-profit organization, a political campaign or even a government agency, branding is the means by which an enterprise connects with people and helps them understand the mission and values. Brands must be unique as they are a highly personalized and emotionally connecting set of ideas that inspire a target audience to become involved. Great branding creates an intimate relationship with the organization and helps people quickly understand how and why an entity is important to their life.

While the visual elements of branding (such as logo design and brand standards) are an essential part of branding, the comprehensive development of a brand goes beyond just the images. Branding should capture the voice of the organization and inform not only what is said but how it is said, whether it be in print, spoken or multi-media.

Areas of focus for branding at R+I:

  • Creative Assets (providing a visual presence for the enterprise through logos, graphics, icons, presentation templates, explainer videos and animation)
  • Storytelling & Meaningful Content (letting the world know how to engage through the development of an authentic voice and narrative)
  • Relative Positioning (defining the brand in context versus other well known reference points — the highest quality or the lowest cost or the frendliest)
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