Building Awareness

Most sales are generated through a company’s outreach rather than a customer stumbling upon a business. By enhancing brand awareness, companies can position themselves to be a known solution for customers.

Driving Conversions

Customers rarely buy on the first interaction and targeted advertising can help reinforce a brand in the customer’s mind by keeping it visible to them as well as expanding the perception that the company has a more ubiquitous positioning, particularly within a given subset.

Testing Client Profiles

By running targeted. advertising campaigns at specific segments of the population, companies can efficiently test the level of engagement of a product or particular campaign by demographic. This real-time feedback data allows for the optimization of larger initiatives without the expense of a broad based initiative.


Retargeting has quickly become a popular and cost effective way to increase conversions.  Retargeting works by advertising across websites specifically to users who have just visited a website. By displaying highly personalized advertisements, such as the exact product they were just searching – companies can improve their odds of closing the sale.

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