The essential elements of a treasure map are the prize and how to get there.


Innovation is referred to as a matter of seeing world not how it is, but rather how you want it to be. Innovation advisory is the practice of helping clients to find their way to changing the world. To innovate requires an understanding of new and different ways of tackling a problem and often draws from other disciplines and perspectives. The key to innovating is to develop a plan that achieves the objectives while prioritizing the most important attributes. For example, there are many ways to ship a package: The fastest way to ship a package is generally by air; The most direct way to ship a package is often by truck; and the most cost-effective method to ship a package is frequently by either railcar or ship. Depending upon which attribute was most important would determine which method to employ to achieve the desired result. True innovation would consider that there are often opportunities to employ multiple methods in concert such as sending the package by ship to the closest seaport and then having a truck deliver it last mile.

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