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Partner • Build • Grow

Our Approach

We convert intellectual capital into tangible results

Clients bring us challenges and we offer them solutions. We start with deep subject matter expertise, layer in multiple perspectives, analytical rigor, practical wisdom, and a splash of creativity. This provides us with the framework to articulate opportunities where others see only problems.

In our capacity as advisors, we believe it is not our place to boast about the achievements of our clients. We respect the nature of our behind the scenes relationship and have found that our clients respect our discretion given that we often are called upon to handle their most sensitive matters. We are happy to provide professional references; but do so only by personal introduction rather than public testimonial.

We have yet to encounter a matter where the imposition of diligent research coupled with focused innovation could not lead to a more favorable outcome.

Our Philosophy

The Foundation of R+I


We partner with clients that we like. For us, a good fit is the most important factor in selecting engagements. As our approach is to partner with our clients for projects that can span significant durations we look for exceptional and seek to provide them rocket fuel.


We love to ask “What would you like if you could have anything?” as it captures our core belief that anything can be built from the right resources and a good set of plans.


“Good is the enemy of great” -Jim Collins. There is absolutely nothing exciting about modest growth when there is an opportunity to change the game and we are constantly striving to help our partners move the needle in significant and lasting ways.


We love to learn and so do our clients. As a trusted advisor, we serve as a lasting resource and source of knowledge both through the expertise of our team and by bringing in our network of outside thought leaders.

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