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Strategic Transactions

With You Every Step of The Way

Our Approach

Objective Perspective & Process Management

Growing enterprises have ever-changing transaction needs and Research & Innovation supports its clients throughout the deal lifecycle as a trusted advisor. Rather than serving as an intermediary, R+I offers an objective perspective and provides process management to strategic combinations that take many different forms.

Your business is not static
You need an advisor who can help you adapt

Whether it is acquiring, being acquired, divesting a subsidiary, making a strategic investment, or restructuring, we provide our clients with an unbiased view of the landscape and can leverage our experience to help avoid obstacles and pitfalls that come with strategic transactions.

Our Strategic Transaction engagements include:

  • Develop strategic criteria of potential suitable transaction counterparties and survey the marketplace to identify prospective matches.
  • Facilitating an acquisition through coordination of all key transaction parties and service providers freeing management to run the business.
  • Advisor to a client seeking an outside perspective of their proposed exit strategy and path.
  • Analyze proposed transaction structure to determine options that better align with the client’s stakeholder objectives.
  • Review client from the perspective of potential acquirers to determine any weak points in valuation or vulnerabilities before sale process.

Most clients do not live in deal mode 24/7,
we help keep the process streamlined.

The exciting part about strategic transactions is that they can radically change an organization’s composition, the scary part about strategic combinations is that they often require major changes and can take focus from the underlying mission. Our role is to help our clients clear through the impediments and pursue viable opportunities in order to spare them from deal fatigue.

You Speak • We Listen • You Transact

Every client has a different strategic objectives in their strategic transactions and different sensitivities toward specific outcomes (i.e. financial terms, corporate culture fit, strategic growth opportunities) and part of our process is to get a detailed understanding of what keeps our clients up at night so that our strategic transaction solutions provide clients our advice in a refined context.

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