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Let us help you change the world

Our Approach

Empowering Thought Leadership For Good

The world faces greater challenges today than perhaps at any point in modern history and Research & Innovation is committed to advising clients on how to maximize charitable impact and bring about real and lasting change in society.

Serving non-profit organizations and for-profit enterprises seeking to build out their charitable giving

Our philanthropy practice serves charitable organizations as well as corporate enterprises seeking to develop a formalized charitable giving program. In all of our philanthropic projects, we focus on the impact sought by a client and then work backward to create a means of achievement. Drawing from a larger professional advisory infrastructure, we are able to bring novel solutions to problems facing eleemosynary organizations by seeking out best practices from both the non-profit and for-profit spheres.

Our Philanthropy engagements include:

  • Facilitate the launch of a non-profit organization by coordinating stakeholders and service providers toward a common mission.
  • Engage in a Kaizen assessment of a non-profit organization’s processes and systems as a means of finding systemic improvement.
  • Design a corporate philanthropy program to enable streamlined and systematic giving for the client and their employees.
  • Create a clearinghouse for a client to engage employees in matched charitable giving as well as volunteer opportunities.
  • Restructuring non-profit organizations that have drifted from their mission and adopted inefficient operating structures.

We practice what we preach
about corporate philanthropy

Research & Innovation has enacted the 1/1/1 pledge, as first envisioned by the Salesforce Foundation, whereby we have agreed to contribute 1% of our firm’s revenue, 1% of our firm’s equity, and 1% of our employee’s time to philanthropic causes which we believe align with our corporate values.

You Speak • We Listen • You Impact The Future

Every client has a different strategic objectives in their philanthropic pursuits and different sensitivities toward specific outcomes (i.e. mission objectives, target recipient base, geographic boundaries) and part of our process is to get a detailed understanding of what keeps our clients up at night so that our philanthropic solutions provide clients our advice in a refined context.

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