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Mitigating The Fear Of The Dark (Web)

Our Approach

Assess • Defend • Respond

Ineffective cyber risk management is generally the largest latent threat to any professional services firm. Given the nature of their work, and access to non-public information, our clients have proportionally higher risk exposure than other similarly sized companies. The range of maladies spans ransomware, system intrusion, data misappropriation, and denial of service.

Proactive, measured responses to the
professional services client threat matrix.

Clients need to be protected in such a way that adequately addresses their risk profile while still allowing them to efficiently operate their business.

Understanding that the cure must be significantly more tolerable than the risk, we employ risk mitigation strategies which are specifically formulated to provide maximum effect with minimal burden.

Our Cybersecurity engagements include:

  • Systems Review of a client’s current cybersecurity framework to determine areas of vulnerability.
  • Solutions Engineering to comprehensively and cost effectively mitigate potential threats to their digital infrastructure.
  • Policy Development which conforms to their regulatory requirements and provides a practical means of implementation and compliance.
  • Testing & Training ensuring that both systems and the personnel who operate them are equipped to handle incoming threats.
  • Incident Response as a single point of contact for any cybersecurity issues that arise.

We understand the enhanced regulatory requirements
of professional services companies and speak regulator

Our cybersecurity practice is focused on solutions exclusively for professional services firms and draw upon the experience of our entire firm as practitioners of professional services, including personnel with backgrounds at law firms, auditors, investment managers, broker dealers, and insurance companies. Having been there we are intimately familiar with the nuances of our these sectors and can articulate solutions to that meet and exceed the regulatory compliance requirements, and are happy to serve as a client resource when they receive inquiries from their regulators regarding their cybersecurity practices.

You Speak • We Listen • You Stay Secure

Every client has a different strategic objectives in securing their cyber risk and different sensitivities toward specific outcomes (i.e. protection of client information, integration with existing systems, maintenance burden) and part of our process is to get a detailed understanding of what keeps our clients up at night so that our cybersecurity solutions provide clients our advice in a refined context.

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