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Complex Administration

When the check's in the mail will not suffice

Our Approach

Mitigate Risk • Reduce Friction

Complex transactions often require robust administration that goes beyond mere reconciliation and reporting requirements. Counterparties, with potentially adverse interests, generally find themselves involved in transactions where there is a need to remove the counterparty risk involved in calculation & administration and the nature of the requirements goes beyond that of a traditional administrator in order to mitigate structural risk and reduce friction.

Our role as a
non-discretionary agent

As a third-party, we are able to serve our clients, and the other parties to the transaction, by providing non-custodial, non-discretionary administration to the transaction; which means we do not hold the assets, and provide instructions to the custodian based exclusively on the terms as set forth in the agreement between the parties.

Our Complex Administration engagements include:

  • Coordinator for special purpose vehicles to ensure reporting and filing obligations are met in a timely fashion.
  • Service Administrator for bespoke asset classes to ensure funds flow in accordance with operative agreements.
  • Review of financial conditions, by a neutral third party, as prerequisite to disbursement(s).
  • Calculation Agent to structured transactions requiring a third-party computation of values and sums due.
  • Settlement Administrator for litigation involving payments to a large number of parties or requiring attention to a series of payments, including from multiple payors.

Our strategic relationships enable us
to offer total administration solutions

Research & Innovation has cultivated a complete roster of strategic relationships from custodians to trustees, receivers, payment processors, tax preparers, and auditors in order to provide our clients with truly administration services. Our clients tell us what their objectives are for complex administration projects, and which service providers they have already identified, and then we fill in the gaps, as necessary.

You Speak • We Listen • You Administer

Every client has a different strategic objectives in the administration of their transactions and different sensitivities toward specific outcomes (i.e. mitigating counterparty risk, securing assets, efficiently transacting payments) and part of our process is to get a detailed understanding of what keeps our clients up at night so that our complex administration solutions provide clients our advice in a refined context.

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