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Solutions Architecture

We partner with our clients to develop the next big things

Our Approach

Always Insightful • Never Derivative

Research + Innovation loves the big ideas. We see this as an opportunity to work with clients to bring about material and lasting change. What do we mean by big ideas? To us, big ideas represent brand new systemic business models that require a level of creativity and, well, innovation to develop and that frequently incorporate best practices from other sectors in an entirely new approach.

You bring the requirements
We bring the plan to get you there.

Clients come to us with ideas, challenges, obstacles and goals and our role is to develop granular sequence that connects where they are to where they want to be and empowers them with information regarding the nature of the journey.

Our Solutions Architecture engagements include:

  • Explore positive externalities as a means of forging strategic alliances across the marketplace.
  • Developing a roadmap of roll-up acquisition opportunities and developing an integration model.
  • Compile all material vendors for a strategic review of alternatives and new ways of meeting requirements from service providers.
  • Application of a client’s existing products and services to new customers in entirely different industries through a reconceptualization of the market opportunity.
  • Uncover latent attributes of a client’s enterprise as a means to tap new resources that were previously undiscovered.

We are willing to go anywhere
to find the optimal path.

Many times the optimal solution is not obvious and requires a flexibility of thinking and a willingness to consider methodologies from other industries or even an entirely new way of approaching a challenge. We pride ourselves on having an open mind and believing that inspiration can come from anywhere provided that one has the right means of implementation.

You Speak • We Listen • You Get Solutions

Every client has a different strategic objectives in resolving a dispute and different sensitivities toward specific outcomes (i.e. admission of liability, market perception, insurance coverage) and part of our process is to get a detailed understanding of what keeps our clients up at night so that our dispute advisory solutions provide clients our advice in a refined context.

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